Uni lunch ideas

With the holidays coming to a close and the new university year just beginning now is a great time to start thinking about lunch ideas! But before I even begin cooking, I like to plan out every meal I’m thinking of making. That way I don’t waste food, can use leftovers in another meal and … Continue reading Uni lunch ideas


Nourish on Maling | Review

Set on the charming Maling road pseudo-village setting, Nourish on Maling preserves the historic setting as well the health and environment. For me, I have always adored strolling through the Edwardian style shops and observing the ambiance of the iconic village. Nourish on Mailing shines through the heritage listed strip, its philosophy and products make … Continue reading Nourish on Maling | Review

Solo dining- the next big thing

Dining alone if often associated with feelings of awkwardness and loneliness. However, times are changing and restaurants are becoming more accommodating to solo diners. Eenmaal, a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam is the first solo restaurant in the world and is aimed at providing ‘temporary disconnection.’ The creator, Marina Van Goor, has plans to bring the … Continue reading Solo dining- the next big thing

I grew up on the sunny beaches of Phillip Island, exploring rock pools and getting way too many freckles in summer. These days, I’m in Melbourne exploring the food landscape and studying Dietetics at La Trobe University. From my food experiences (some including having an allergic reaction to nuts on my bum) I have developed … Continue reading

No murder meat: The future of food production | CENTRETHOUGHT

This article originally appeared on Centrethought and was republished with permission.  Picture this: The year is 2050, lab-grown meat is now the norm and food insecurity has been eradicated. In 2016, the World Health Organization labelled meat as carcinogenic and we were told to refrain from putting an extra shrimp on the barbie. However, with development of lab-grown … Continue reading No murder meat: The future of food production | CENTRETHOUGHT

Body Image Series | Defrates Nutrition

This article originally appeared on Defrates Nutrition and was re-published with permission.  Today's Body Image Series guest is Findley, coming to us from Australia! She is currently studying to become a dietitian and hopes to encourage others to eat intuitively. Welcome, Findley! What are your thoughts on body image and body acceptance? Body image is the … Continue reading Body Image Series | Defrates Nutrition